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Born July 5, 1988

Lives & Works in Laguna Beach, CA


Artist Statement:


In the modern era, our devices have programmed our minds to be astonished by the stampedes of intangible images in our everyday lives. We have become used to the innumerable waves of pretentious facades, in-genuine eyewash, and false ideals through a narcissist’s perspective on what success and happiness look like in a world of free speech via the internet. With these works, I am unpacking my mind from the siege of the swipe-left swipe-right culture we live in. My work offers tangible realities that won’t disappear in to the digital black hole. I paint out of obligation, a way of seeking shelter from the constant overdrive in my heart. These works are my obsessive compulsive behaviors being treated in the vein of art. I celebrate the intensity of light, and the alarming warmth of darkness. I cruise in and out of algorithms. I explore a constant desire for sex in a society that is over-fascinated with it. I delve in to my background as a photographer, marrying the camera and the paintbrush in a head-over-heels love affair of color, movement, and light play brought forth by a technique I coined “action-snapping.” I treat my “job” as an artist like that of a strict 9-5, although the embedded photographs are taken in the darkest hours of the night while the rest of the world sleeps. I work in memory of my late father who moved on from this world too soon, who always said that my hands were dangerous weapons. Weapons of truth. I invite the viewer to allow truth into their heart via my obsession, an obsession that hovers like a ghost behind my eyes.